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Friday, 22 November 2013


As far as mobiles are concerned,nowdays these are a unbreakable part of our life.one can't live wiyhout mobile,and it is very funny thing that usually my friends forget to eat and the reason behind that is mobile only.but it is a bad thing that we are giving importance to a gadget instead of our health,in my friends circle many of boys are so skinny as they do not follow a good diet plan because they can't eat or can't sleep until they talk to his girlfriend,i think its gud for their girlfriend bt no t good for them i think so anyways guys as i told you earlier that this website  is just for discussing about "What's new in the gadget world" but i wanna ask some few things from the people who are viewing this post,if anyone from you know something about "Google Adsense" please help me by giving your any social networking ID below in the comment box so i can disuss something about google adsense with you,Actually i have many questions to ask so plz plz plz help me guys ok....see u soon.